DJI DAT file upload instructions

You can now upload the log file from the DJI aircraft ("DAT file") directly to Airdata.

Please follow the instructions below to upload these log files.

We supported DAT files from these drones:
  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard / 4K / Advanced / Professional / SE
  • DJI Phantom 4 / Advanced / Pro / Pro+ / Pro V2 / RTK
  • DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire 2
  • DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Platinum
  • DJI Matrice 100, 200, 210, RTK, 600, 600 Pro, V2 (M100,M200,M210,M210, M600 and M600 Pro)
  • DJI Spark
Please see the full list of supported aircraft here.
Please note: this initial version doesn't fully support the Mavic 2 & Mavic Air drones.

If you are new to Airdata: we also support the log file from your tablet (TXT drone flight log), including auto upload! So please check the main upload page.


Instructions to upload DAT file located on DJI aircraft

  1. After flying, connect your DJI aircraft to your computer via an USB cable and open DJI Assitant 2, then click on the phone/tablet icon.

  2. Click on the aircraft icon (in this example it's a Mavic Pro).

  3. Click on "Data Upload" in the DJI Assistant 2 App.

  4. Click "Confirm" in the pop-up window.

  5. Select the flights you want to view on Airdata, then click on the "Save To Local" button.

  6. Select where to save the DAT file on your local computer.

  7. The download will start. Please note that DJI assistant will compress all the selected flights into one big file.

  8. Once the DAT file is saved to your computer, click "Open in the folder" to see the saved DAT file.

  9. Go to to upload the DAT file to Airdata.

  10. Drag and drop the DAT file into the drop box area, or click "SELECT FILES" to select instead of drag and drop.
    Here is an example of what to look for: DJI_ASSISTANT_EXPORT_FILE_2019-04-16_15-08-11.DAT

  11. Click on "Upload Flights" to upload.

  12. Once uploaded, click on "Continue to flights".

    Important: It will take a moment for DAT file flights to show up in your flight list.

    Still have questions? See our forum to join the discussion or contact us.

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